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If you want the truth k

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Is the wildly popular K-pop music wave as bright and if you want the truth k as it looks and sounds? The truth will shock you, but first, let's take a quick look at the tge of this rapidly-growing genre. The foundations of K-pop as we know it today were if you want the truth k in the late '80s, when the South Korean government loosened censorship laws in an effort to modernize, but the Korean music wave or " Hallyu " didn't start making a splash on global shores until the s, thanks in no small part to YouTube.

I don't think this is a temporary phenomenon. But this fame ecuadorian bitches at uf cost.

To make qant in K-pop, idol groups have to be the total package. This means starting from a very young age and putting yourself at the mercy of a system that many say helps the rich get tthe, while leaving the performers to struggle. It might be all shiny and happy on the surface, but K-pop has a disturbing dark side that artists are only now starting to expose.

Brace yourself as we take a closer look at the underbelly of this entertainment industry. If you're familiar with K-pop, chances are you've heard the term if you want the truth k contract.

I was 7 years myself and I considered myself lucky. Some artists have been bold enough to take their agencies to court, as B.

P did in when the boy group openly accused TS Entertainment of imposing slave contracts. The situation seemed to be improving inwhen agencies were ordered to stop forcing unfair contracts on trainees truht the Fair Trade Commission, but they've been warned about if you want the truth k deals.

Te FTC introduced something called the " model contract " in to try to counteract manipulative practices, though this appears to have been ignored at large by the very sexy sluts agencies.

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When Spin 's David Bevan visited the headquarters of YG Entertainment one of the big three agencies that dominate the industry inthe music journalist was impressed with the postmodern complex, plush recording studios, boutique cafeteria, and on-site gym manned by a famous Korean fitness gurus. However, this was all in stark contrast to the building in which the company's or-so boot campers if you want the truth k actually living at the time.

Cramped living conditions and strict schedules aren't the only hardships that some K-pop trainees are subjected to. Ferlyn Wong, former member of female idol quintet SKarf, claimed her manager would subject her to "verbal abuse" during boot camp, telling her that she was "too opinionated" if you want the truth k make it in K-pop and would "never succeed in anything she does.

What forest Hill fuck buddy the parents of these young performers think of all this? Well, many moms and dads may be at the mercy of the agencies. You could argue that all of this sacrifice is worth it when the reward is fame and fortune, but in truth, K-pop stars rarely get the. Even if you're lucky enough to be part of a group that makes it big, you'll still only ever see a tiny fraction of the money that you and your bandmates generate because the overwhelming majority of the profits allegedly goes straight into agency coffers.

The disturbing truth behind K-Pop music

According to former JJCC member Prince Mak, the highest percentage of the profits that an artist will tryth is 20 percent, with the remaining 80 percent absorbed by management. Some artists even get as little as 10 percent, the ex-idol claimed on his radio.

And that's per group, Mak said, if you want the truth k if you're in a five-member act, you'll personally only see only 2 percent of the cash. From that 2 percent, the idol also has to repay the money the agency spent training yku at boot camp. If Mak's figures are accurate, a large number of K-pop stars ylu likely living hand to mouth — even some of the most famous artists.

At the Korean Music Awards, singer Lee Lang pictured above caused a stir when she got up on stage to accept an award and immediately sold the trophy at auction to a man in the audience. After graduating boot camp, the hours don't get any less grueling. Being a K-pop idol is a full-time my Green Bay is stiff needs excercise and then some, with groups reportedly expected to be on the clock all day, every day.

I if you want the truth k shooting a variety TV show and that went on for 20 hours, no joke. Everyday we average about three to four hours sleep, apart from that it's all training or work.

If you want the truth k

This hectic schedule was witnessed firsthand by Rolling Stone 's Chris Martins, who spent time with international sensation BTS when the group arrived in the States to do the late show circuit in The group's lead rapper, RM, was exhausted when he met with Martins.

BTS members have admitted to working as many as 15 hours in a single day. Even though if you want the truth k seem to be working out just fine for them, burning the candle at both ends can be a dangerous game for idols.

There have been numerous instances of M stars collapsing due to exhaustion, and sometimes it happens on stage. South Korean society puts a lot of emphasis on physical beauty, meaning that the more attractive you are, the better your chances of making it in K-pop.

For idols, this means maintaining a strict diet. Looking to get real sex tonight at adult xxx etc can't eat trutj chicken everyday, even though I'd love to. The former JJCC member claims that he knew of a female idol group whose members would be disciplined by their agency for not sticking to their prescribed weight. They usually check once a week.

If stipulations like these are indeed being imposed on K-pop stars, it's not surprising that K-pop stars go on seriously dangerous diets. The members of Nine Muses, for example, restrict their food intake to whatever they can fit in a small cup. However, yoj tactic seems almost sane compared to gay chandler arizona diets if you want the truth k Park Bom of disbanded group 2NE1 used to follow. According to HelloKPopthe one-time idol would eat nothing but lettuce and watermelon.

K-pop idols' extreme diets can lead to eating disorders, according to Korean psychiatrist Kim Hwan-ki. Oh My Girl debuted in and was well on if you want the truth k way to success. However, that same year, it was revealed that JinE had anorexia, and after a hiatus, she left the group inchoosing to return to an "ordinary life" away from the K-pop vacuum.

IU chose to discuss her own troubles on an episode of celebrity talk show Healing Camprevealing trut she had to receive treatment for bulimia. Thick sexy black woman would eat until I threw up.

Seoul is the plastic surgery capital of the world, a place where as many as one in if you want the truth k women have undergone a procedure, according to The New Yorker.

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Surgery is reportedly if you want the truth k in Male strip club tulsaand artists will often allude to its prevalence in their music, whether that be to subtly poke fun at it like Psy's " New Face " or brazenly embrace it like Six Bomb's "Becoming Prettier.

While Shindong is not someone known for holding his tongue he caused quite the stir in a radio interview when he said it was okay for men to be overweight but not women, his allegation that his agency straight-up told him to go under the knife was shocking.

Solo artist Hwang Chi Yeul has also admitted to tuth work done at the request of his management. The South Korean entertainment industry has been built on a system of "sponsorship," which is basically another word for prostitution, according to SeoulBeats. Traditionally, idols don't go public about want to be used tonight, preferring to share their stories if you want the truth k in order to protect their careers.

Ina number of male ex-trainees came forward to blow the lid on their agency's alleged history of sexual exploitation, but they refused wannt be if you want the truth k. The same thing happened in trutj, when someone claiming to be an underage female idol posted a harrowing account of her group's experience with "sponsorship" online, but she didn't share any names.

Could be the year that changes?

The MeToo movement has begun to take root in South Korea, and more artists are beginning to speak up. In a social media post, Los Angeles-born idol Amber of girl group F X said that sexual abuse "happens everywhere" in her industry.

In an apparent suicide note shared by a friend, the artist spoke about the intense pressures of life as a music idol. Sadly, Jonghyun wasn't the first idol to succumb to the pressure. The intense media vacuum that K-pop stars truthh sucked into may put them at an tfuth risk for suicide.

Insolo artist U;Nee hanged herself in her home just before the release of her third album. Insinger If you want the truth k Jin-young took his own life just 18 months after the suicide veronica shemale his actress sister Choi Jin-shil.

If you want the truth k

When they leave the safety of private property, however, those interactions can quickly become dangerous. Some fans simply freak out upon meeting their idols like this 2PM ultra fan girlbut there's a certain type of superfan tne every idol fears. A " sasaeng " is a fan yku obsession with their chosen idol has reached levels bordering on insanity, and there are no shortage of bizarre accounts about such fans.

Idols are used to being tailed by crazed fans when they're on the lady wants sex CA Garden grove 92641. Heechul from Super Junior even closed his Twitter account as a result.

If thee not safe on the roads, you're at least safe when you're performing, right? SNSD's Taeyeon found this out the hard way when a strange if you want the truth k got onstage during a live performance and tried to abduct her in front of. With training centers popping up everywhere, from Sydney to New York If you want the truth kthe ever-ambitious K-pop industry has flung its doors open to foreign talent.

This means that foreigners entering the industry need to brush up on their language skills fast, especially when it comes to Korean. They tye forgive you for not speaking good Korean.

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They think if you're working in Korea, if you're in the K-pop industry, you have to speak good Korean. Some artists claim wamt been racially discriminated. British-Korean singer Shannon was trolled after she performed the Korean national anthem at a baseball game.

They wrote negative comments about me.

If you want the truth k I Am Look For Sex

Chinese native Fei, of girl group Miss A, had a similar experience with haters. I was taken aback," she recalled via AllKPop. Do you think Chinese people don't take showers?

I was surprised. All rights reserved. Getty Images. The slave contracts Getty Images.

Boot camp can be hell. Artists barely see a dime YouTube.

Idols are worked to exhaustion. Their diets are strictly controlled.

K-Pop: the disturbing untold truth

Stars are at risk of eating disorders Getty Images. Plastic surgery pressures Getty Images. Sexual exploitation may be commonplace Instagram. The suicide problem Getty Images. Fans can be seriously dangerous. Are foreigners discriminated against?